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Introducing Hatchback Lyfe and Black Light Tapestry

Introducing Hatchback Lyfe and Black Light Tapestry

Champion Brewing Company is entering the hazy arena. Hatchback Lyfe, the flagship of Champion’s new hazy IPA series will be available at the Taproom, online, and wherever you buy beer in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

Unfiltered IPAs have grown in popularity and the beer style is in keeping with Champion’s original lineup, which offered fans the IPAs they craved. With an IBU of 50 and 6.3% ABV, Hatchback Lyfe is made with fluffy oats and three charges of hops in the whirlpool, followed by two dry hops. A combination of Citra, Azacca, and Idaho Gem combine to create an electrifying taste of crystallized pineapple, white grape, lemon curd and mango.

We’re kicking off this series of hazy IPAs with a beer that pays homage to our youth, back when everything we owned could fit into a hatchback and we could head for the hills. The timing seems right as we all have a bit of wanderlust these days. Champion fans can expect the series to deliver on juicy, tropical flavors with low bitterness, and a moderate ABV. Look out for future unfiltered and double IPAs as they join the line later this year.

Hatchback Lyfe will be available in six-packs of 12 oz cans as part of a series of hazy IPAs, offered year-round.

Also dropping this week: Black Light Tapestry, the robust porter we crave in the coldest winter months. A seasonal offering, Black Light Tapestry weaves together flavors of chocolate, chicory coffee, and cascara, and has a soft, creamy finish. This porter has a 5.0% ABV and an IBU of 25. An opening in Champion’s portfolio of IPAs and lagers led us into the darkness, and we’re pleased with the result. The familiar glow in the can’s artwork is reminiscent of art found at flea markets, Spencer’s Gifts, some teenagers’ bedrooms, and head shops. We hope that our robust porter can guide you back to a time when life was full of wonder and individual exploration. Grab some vinyl, put on some headphones and surround yourself with Black Light Tapestry.

Black Light Tapestry is a limited release, available in four- and six-packs of 12 oz. cans.

Both beers will be on tap at the Champion Taproom beginning Friday, February 5, 2021.