Czech it: More Props for Champion’s Shower Beer


A.V. Club gives some love to the oft-maligned pilsner and includes Champion’s Shower Beer in a lineup of the “gold standard of lagers.”

From the article:

“Craft beer sought to destroy it. They derided the style, mocking it as “fizzy yellow beer.” But credit where it’s due: Pilsner undeniably changed the beer world, and it’s still a tasty brew no matter who says otherwise.”

Our inner geeks are thrilled to be included in an article on Writers on the site noted the “shower beer” produced by PangPang in Sweden and that fans of pilsners and the original Shower Beer should continue to drink while bathing (or not) the brew from Champion.

Of course, as ball players report for spring training, we recall last spring’s article in the Washington Post, in which Fritz Hahn called the Shower Beer a baseball brew. Indeed.

Play ball!